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Cross Country 2022 Montage 1
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The Sapporo campus celebrated the 2022 Cross-Country Day on September 16th. Runners from age 5 and up ran, jogged, walked, and explored Makkomanai Park, discovering the importance of physical fitness and the joy of exercising together. Adding to the competition was the first ever high school fun run, highlighted by bright costumes and even brighter smiles. 


We Are Cross-Country Runners

Words: Jared Pangier & Rui Yu

Photos: Theo Brennan, Will Downer,  Ye Eun Hong, Kate James, Karen Kitagawa, Jared Pangier, and Rui Yu

Video: Akiko Ishizu

Running is a form of self-discovery; it is the idea of getting ahead and moving. As we push past the pandemic, we rediscover who we are and the value of the place that surrounds us. 

Cross Country 2022 Montage 1

On Friday, September 16th, the entire school explored the beautiful surrounding of Makomanai Park through the school cross-country day. Leading up to the event, P.E. students trained together with their new teacher, Mr. Rankin, giving them the endurance needed to successfully complete the event. Training or not, all students found a way to enjoy the day competitively or through their colorful costumes.

The day began with middle school runners, continued with the competitive high school runs, joyously moved into the all-high-school fun run (a new event this year), and finished with the elementary students who responded to Mr. Rankin’s question with glee:

"We are Huskies!"

Enjoy the photos below and stay tuned to discover more about the Huskies Cross-Country Day!

Friendly competition


Tree chase

Cross Country Fun Run Colors

Cross Country Fun Run Colors

Celebratory hug

Medal celebration


Back to school


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Join us for a Heartfulness Workshop December 4th with Stephen Murphy-Shigematsu. Mr. Murphy-Shigematsu is a psychologist and author in mental health, wellbeing, and diversity. He has been teaching and researching at Stanford University for 20 years as a faculty of the School of Medicine. You can learn more about Stephen Murphy-Shigematsu through his TED talks.



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