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We Are Huskies: Behind The Scenes of HIS’s First Fun Run
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Come behind the scenes of HIS's first Cross-Country Fun Run!


We Are Huskies

Behind The Scenes of HIS’s First Fun Run

By Kate James and Yeeun Hong

Cross-country day is a time-tested tradition at HIS. Students have been racing around Makomanai park with their peers aiming to achieve first place for years. But this year our new P.E teacher Justin Rankin has brought a fresh take on the event: the Fun Run.

In an interview with Mr.Rankin he gives us his idea behind the Fun Run: "In past cross country days, it was usually just the competitive race portion. And from my understanding that really excluded a large group of students who didn't necessarily want to participate competitively, but wanted to be a part of cross country in some other way". The goal that inspired the Fun Run was to help bring the HIS Husky community closer together through a more inclusive viewpoint—since not everyone is interested in running! This year Mr. Rankin put our first school-wide event together with one question in mind: How can everyone feel like they’re a part of Cross Country Day? 

Mr. Rankin’s first answer to his question was to shorten the course from three kilometers to two, allowing participants to walk—making the Fun Run more like a fun walk or run. But Mr. Rankin didn’t stop there; next, his plan evolved as Mr. Rankin began proposing students wear costumes to the event. And in the end, the event met Mr. Rankin’s goal, as he puts in his interview: “Whether you walk the course, whether you run the course, whether you skip or jump it's just about getting the whole of secondary school together.” Thank you, Mr. Rankin, for making Cross Country Day a day for all. Thank you for letting us discover that running—or walking—can be fun!

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