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2023 Girls Volleyball Article
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The HIS Huskies girls volleyball team headed to Canadian Academy in Kobe on October 12, 2023. Everyone tried their best and played very well with hopes of more fun future tournaments.



2023 Girls Volleyball Article 

Words by Nanako Dobashi; Photos by the '23-'24 HIS Publications Team

On Thursday, October 12th, the HIS girls volleyball team headed to Canadian Academy in Kobe for the 2023 WJAA volleyball tournament. Upon our arrival at Kobe, we headed straight to the burrito shop which was really, really good and fulfilling — just what we needed the night before our first game.

On the first day, we were completely nervous and shaken up. We lost against our first opponent, Fukuoka International School. With Canadian Academy 2 and Marist Brothers International School, we had a very close game, but unfortunately, we lost those two games as well. We left Day One, frustrated but motivated to do better the next day.

On day two we were more motivated than the first — all of us wanted at least one win. From the first game, we were able to beat Nagoya International School and got our revenge against MBIS after that. This led us to the finals for the losers' bracket against Kyoto International University Academy, which we lost, but were able to secure second place on the plate. By the end of the tournament, we were no longer nervous and were having the best time of our lives. With cockroaches in the shower room, dance performances, and a team Saizeriya (Coach B’s favorite restaurant) dinner, the team was able to spend a lot of time together and bond during this tourney. 

With the season coming to a close, I'd like to say thank you, dear seniors.  Thank you for your hard work throughout the years playing volleyball for the HIS Huskies.

Here are some quotes from our seniors; 

Sunsets were good in Kobe. Some sets too. I wish I could join again next year to beat everyone” 

  • Audrey Ishiyama, Setter (very important) 

This year marked my fifth time participating in the tournament, and it brought a unique set of challenges as we welcomed many new team members. As the volleyball captain, I found myself facing uncertainties, but I couldn't be more pleased with the commitment and dedication showed by each one of our players on the court. Throughout the tournament, we not only honed our skills but also showcased the power of our collective effort. I also want to highlight that this year, our volleyball team gained huge popularity within our community. This shows how much effort and commitment all our students put in. As I graduate and conclude my senior year, my volleyball season comes to an end. I want to extend my best wishes to the team for the next year. May many new members join and continue to carry this spirit. Go, Huskies!” 

  • Karen Kitagawa, Captain of the Girls Volleyball Team, 2023 

In the sentiments of our 2023 captain Karen, we pivot forward to our 2024 season, wishing to continue growing our team spirit, dedication, skills, and love for volleyball. 

Thank you to Coach B for training us, and for sacrificing your Saturdays to help us get better. 

A special thank you to Mr. Rankin for organizing for our team to go to the tournament, and for securing our uniforms which helped the team’s spirit so much :) 

For more photos and highlights from our 2023 season, check out our instagram page 

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