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2023 Spooky Elementary Assembly
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On October 31st, our HIS early years & elementary huskies had a Halloween edition Elementary Assembly! We saw lots of smiles from the students, staff, and parents!


2023 Spooky Elementary Assembly

Elementary Assemblies are where early years and elementary students present their classwork and music to their parents; the most important part of it is sharing the importance of education and smiles with peers and families! Elementary Assemblies usually happen once a month in the MPR, but this time, it was on October 31st. This means that this time it was a bit special…It was a Halloween-themed Elementary Assembly!!!

Here, everybody dressed up in unique costumes, presented their classwork, and performed dances and music. A lot of parents came to see the enjoyment of these huskies, and many of the parents took videos and pictures!

"Train Tracks" by Early Years

"Me in the Past, Present & Future" by MP1










"Muscle Groups" by MP2

"Nature Poems" by MP3











A Musical Showcase

Assemblies are also great places to perform to an audience of peers and parents!

Each grade performed dances with accompanying songs led by Ms. Sugino.

Secondary's MUSH Service Club Presents

One thing that makes HIS unique is the strong connection between students of all ages. Assemblies are great places to share ideas with each other. Juri, the leader of MUSH, presented about environmental cleanliness, the effects of trash, and the situation of our current environment!

To read more about MUSH and what they do, click here!​​​​​​

Overall, students, teachers, and parents all enjoyed this unique Halloween event. Throughout this Elementary Assembly, our elementary Huskies successfully shared the importance of education and smiles with their peers and parents! See you all after winter break! Go Huskies!!!

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