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The Annual HIS Chess tournament is celebrating its fourth year. Begun in 2021 by Lucas Cameron and Mr. Cooke, many things have evolved (tournament structure, point system, players), but one thing has remained the same: the HIS Grandmaster.

Can anyone take down our three-time champ Taishi Ogawa?


HIS Chess Tournament is soon Reaching its Climax

Words By Kenzo Fachin; Photos by Kenzo Fachin

As the winter season has slowly started to wrap up, the contemplative spring air has filled the classrooms of HIS in the form of its 4th annual Chess Tournament. The tournament began with 16 and has now reached the semi-finals, where four are fighting to become the next HIS Chess Grand Champion. Will Taishi defend his title for the fourth year to graduate on a high note or will some up-and-coming contender take him down?
Let’s dive into this event.

Round Robins

The first stage of the tournament was the Round Robins—a chance for up-and-coming contenders to compete for a spot in the sweet 16. Each of the 12 students was placed in a pool that had two other students, and the results of the Round Robins decided the real tournament matchups. Checkmate was worth two points, and a win by time was worth one point. After the two matches within the pool, each student’s points were calculated, and match-ups for the real tournament were decided. 

A photo of Yuri Caron, one of the students who participated in this tournament.

The Tournament

After the Round Robins stage, all 16 students fought with each other (as seen in the bracket above) to advance to the quarter-finals. In this stage, the four finalists of last year’s tournament joined the chess matches. There were eight games in total, and all the matches were outstanding. Taishi, Daniel, Liam, Albert, Griffin, Emilio, Mareto, and Tata were the eight players who advanced to the quarter-finals.


What’s Next?

Soon the quarter-finals became the semi-finals, leaving just four.

While Taishi and Griffin have returned again this year, two new contenders have emerged: Albert and Tata. Who do you think will move on to the finals in early April?

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Thank you for reading.

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