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HIS High School Green Season Finale: The Tarumae Hike
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All high school Huskies hiked to the top of volcanic Mt.Tarumae, where they enjoyed stunning views and very real nature.


HIS High School Green Season Finale: The Tarumae Hike

Words by Kenzo Fachin and Kaishu Klein; Photos by the '23-'24 HIS Publications Team

Our final Green Season adventure came with nice weather and out-of-this-world views, with all three high school teams accomplishing our goal by reaching the peaks. We traveled hours away from our normal classrooms and stood atop of volcanic Mt Tarumae, looking over the natural world of Hokkaido.

The Peak Run Team conquered the East Mountain early, making time for lunch, followed by trail running and their second conquest: West Mountain. Meanwhile, the Scenic Loop Team followed their summit of the East Mountain with a descent down Flower Road. At last, the Light Hiking Team made it up to the main peak, had lunch, and returned the way they came. With each step, the stunning crater-lake Shikotsu grew larger in their hearts. In the end, three teams conquered volcanic Tarumae in three different ways. What a way to end our green season! Let’s check out the path for each of our teams.

The Peak Run Team (Two Peaks; Trail Running Bonus)

After the long two-hour drive from Sapporo to the trailhead, the Tarumae Peak Running Team was the first to depart. Jumping, leaping, and running, they were the team that hiked the most distance. All of the members had a lot of amusement throughout the whole day.  Additionally, this team hiked through the Tarumae loop, which allowed students to see the breathtaking views of the mountain from many perspectives. 

The team started hiking through the forest after the long drive up the mountain. The sky was gray, and it seemed to worsen as the team hiked. The wind was getting harsher, and the temperature was lowering. When the team got out of the forest up to the high part of the mountain, sunlight shone on them, and all the team members had great hopes of seeing a great view from the peak. The crystal clear sky allowed the team to see the rumored amazing views. They could even see people hiking up above them. Everyone knew the peak was getting closer and closer. Soon, everyone started running, eager to compete to see who would reach the peak first…It was a race to the top! Following their top-peak views, came trail running. Up and down ridges, this team explored the crater’s perimeter, taking in fresh air for their lungs and stunning views for their souls, eventually meeting up with the next team three-fourths of the way through their journey.

The Scenic Team

The next team to challenge Tarumae was the Tarumae Scenic Team. This team consisted of hikers who enjoyed nature and loved having adventures. From Seniors (12th grade) to Juniors (11th grade), every member of the team reached the peak with a great feeling of accomplishment and joy. Although the top of the mountain was bitterly cold, all survived, and as a reward for themselves, they peacefully shared a delicious meal. Happiness was found. 

The Light Hiker Team

The last Tarumae team was the largest of all three. Choosing to hike up to the peak and back, all members enjoyed the team they chose.

People had a lot of fun on the hike. Going up the beautiful mountain and seeing gorgeous scenery was a perfect place for pictures. Some people reported it being windy and cold at the top of the mountain. I was also told that because of the lack of trees, climbing up the mountain was a breeze. Steam was seen escaping the depths of the volcano. Eruption incoming? Who knows… The hikers did have a great time with their friends. Some even called their parents! They all came home safe—safe from erupting volcanoes. 


All the HIS high school students had a wonderful experience on this hike. Although there were some times when the weather went cloudy, all the students safely finished their hike. And even thought the Tarumae Triple Team marks the end of our Green Season, don't dismay. We have more Husky trips on the way! Stay tuned for more Husky adventures from the HIS White Plan beginning right after the winter break.

While you're waiting for 2024 to begin, make sure to check out our Instagram and website to find out more about these outdoor trips.

Thank you for reading this article.

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