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Micro-Library Opening!
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HIS micro-libraries are now open! What are micro-libraries? Well, they're exactly what they sound like: small library stations scattered across the first and second floors of HIS!


The HIS micro-libraries are now open!

HIS believes that literacy skill is a crucial foundation for all academic skills one must learn. This centering value inspired our faculty to create a micro-library aiming to make books more accessible on all floors of our school. With the cooperation of many HIS staff and students, we created a micro-library that’s both beautiful and innovative.

1st Floor

I Am!; Affirmations for Resilience by Bela Barbosa and Edel Rodriguez

As this floor is our Early Years, Kindergarten, and Grade-1 floor, we have provided many great children's books, including such works as The Gruffalo, The Lorax, What Do People Do All Day, Ish, and I Am!: Affirmations for Resilience. Our hope? Introducing young kids to the world of reading. By having a micro-library with a self-checkout system, students can access any book they’re interested in at any time.

        The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis

2nd Floor

In our 2nd-floor micro-library, we offer a wide range of books to prepare students for a higher level of reading in high school, from classic series like Harry Potter and The Narnia series to Japan-based historical fiction like Up From The Sea. The 2nd-floor library focuses on the interests of upper-elementary students all the way to middle school. Creating a culture of reading begins by putting appealing books on the shelves that surround the students.

From the Literacy Curator

Mr. Pangier

“I first talked with elementary teachers about my idea of a small library on each floor for students to get access to books in a different place while creating an atmosphere with more books around. The staff were all excited and supportive. I worked together closely with students to build the bookshelves and with Mr. Morimoto and Mr. Loughran (both certified electricians) to help with the placement and outlet for the checkout devices. Students not only volunteered to help but they led shelf-building after school, giving their own time to support literacy. The libraries couldn’t have happened without the support of students and staff."

Ms. Watson, Grade-1 Teacher

“When we started to put the books out, the kids looked really excited. They couldn’t wait to use the library. I also liked how each shelf is sorted by author’s last name, which gives us an easier time putting all the books away."

Literacy Never Stops Expanding

Our faculty is also planning to expand the library further with students’ suggestions, especially books in different genres, to inspire Huskies of all ages to embrace reading and literature. At HIS we believe sincerely in the power of reading and literacy development. To find out more about the value of reading at HIS, check out 

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