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Overnight in Niseko
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High school students stayed overnight in Niseko, where they cooked, enjoyed time with friends, camped, and hiked to a marsh and back. 


Overnight in Niseko

September 28th-29th

Words: Alisa Stepanova, Valeriia Shigapova

Pictures: Neil Maclean, Jared Pangier, Ellie McGuire

On September 28th, high school students left school by bus to Niseko. Students on the bus enjoyed the 2-hour trip by singing and taking pictures.

As the students arrived at the camping grounds, they started to set tents and prepare dinner. The students' dinners were intriguing, all the way from a full course of yakiniku to toast or smores. As the sun slowly fell behind the horizon, a few students commented on the chilly breeze slowly creeping in. To combat this chilly weather, many students decided to walk to the nearby hot spring. Enjoying hot soothing water, they spent a relaxing evening warming up from the cold.


At six o'clock, it got dark to the point where you could get lost easily without a flashlight. But for students, darkness isn't a reason to stop the fun. Many played card games, such as Uno or Poker, with a lantern illuminating their faces. Others started a fire to warm up and tell scary stories with friends. Some students even used the darkness to their advantage to watch horror movies in a spooky atmosphere. Around 10 or 11, everyone finally settled down with happy memories bringing them sweet dreams. During the night, some slept to the pitter-patter of rain.


Most woke up, knowing that it had rained throughout the night—but no one knew how hard. It had rained so hard that the ground and the grass were soaking wet. When you stepped on it, it sounded like you stepped into a puddle. But the worst part was the shoes. Some students left their shoes outside their tents all night, waking up to the worst surprise. The lingering wetness led to a growing concern among students: how will we hike in these wet and slippery conditions? While students were talking with each other, alarm growing for some, the teachers sat by cooly, looking forward to the day in the mountains. 


With the cool morning air, many began to cook breakfast earlier than expected. Just as the sun rose, some took their first bites. But with the sun peeking its face through the diminishing clouds, the temperatures rose. Soon, it was time to get on the bus. Everybody piled on, unsure of what the hike would bring.


Back on the bus, students started listening to music and enjoying the nice views. Within twenty minutes the bus had arrived at the trailhead parking. The trail began up a steep stairway, through some woods, to a marsh, up, down, and up some more, until the students began to wonder how much longer it would take. But then, they saw it. The campground. They had just one final steep stairway to return, where they would take down their dried-out tents, followed by enjoying Mr. P's specially assembled conbini bento.


The food and outdoor exercise led to some tired souls. Most slept the entire ride back. After two hours, students slowly awoke to the sight of their school, happy to be back home after their adventure.


All in all, the nature was awesome! It was another overnight to remember for days and nights to come.


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