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MS and HS 3-on-3 basketball intramural
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Huskies believe in wellness any chance they get, even taking advantage of their lunch break for some 3 v 3. Find out how their December tournament went.


Lunchtime MS and HS basketball intramural

Words by Toshi Gotoda; Photos by the '23-'24 HIS Publications Team

The 21st of November was the beginning of the middle school and high school 3-on-3 basketball tournament. As tension and rivalry rose between the 4 teams, the audience watched in excitement for the games to progress.

December 5th marked the 3-on-3 finals for both middle school and high school. The winners of both games would claim their spot as the middle school and high school basketball champions for this academic year.

The High School Finals

Red vs. Blue

It was intense, a large audience assembled, cheering on their team. With every hoop, the crowd roared and the competition escalated.

Shots were made back to back by both teams and the battle for points became more urgent as time progressed. With just minutes remaining, the score was nearly tied, but in the end the blue team managed to make more shots, just barely snagging the win.

A fierce, yet wholesome moment for the Huskies as the team members of each team sent smiles across the court, as the blue team walked away with the championship title. 

The Middle School Finals

Red vs. Green

Simultaneously, the green team and red team took part in the middle school finals, resulting in a 6-3 win for the green team.

We interviewed a member of the winning team, Daniel Shen, asking him for his impression.

"It was fun playing with and against my friends. The opposing team had a really strong player so I felt relieved [that we won]."

Daniel Shen

As shown above, tense rivalries had been active in the game, the experiences for both the audience and players were exciting and captivating. Congratulations to the green team for the winning the middle school championship title, the blue team for the high school, and to Huskies wellness

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