Arts at HIS

Hokkaido International School is an international boarding school that doesn't only value the core academic classes. School can be a place to cultivate creativity, allowing students to bring out their uniqueness through visual arts, music, writing, and performance. We believe that all students are capable to grow in all areas of their life. The Arts are a huge part of being a Husky.

In high school, students may elect to take regular visual arts or one of the Advanced Placement options, while publications provides space for media arts such as photography, videography, writing, and design. Middle school, too, has options for visual arts along with design thinking and creative writing. All of our secondary students work at creative oral expression through HIS Reads. And at the foundation of our students, our elementary emphasizes creativity through visual and written expression and personal inquiry.

But of all the arts at HIS, music is our staple. Our music program is special because of where it leads. Each year (putting the pandemic years aside) leads to an end-of-the-year concert, sometimes held at Nakajima's Kitara Hall, other times hosted in our fourth-floor gymnasium—but always something to be proud of. Every year, students work on developing their singing, instrumental playing, or dancing skills. And for those who aren't in music or dance, they help make the backdrop for the show wonderful, from controlling the lighting to assisting with the flow of performers to setting up and resetting the stage. Each year over 90% of the students participate in some form in our end-of-year concert, making it one of the most unifying events at Hokkaido International School. 

Please enjoy learning about one of our Pillar Programs: the Arts, through the photos and posts below, or by exploring one of our past performances: Kitara "One". We know you will be as mesmerized as we are.

The 2023 Kaleidoscope of World Music Concert

A Kaleidoscope of World Music

Celebrating a Kaleidoscope of World Music!

The Stage is Ready

New lights, custom banners—The stage is ready!

Soloing amongst the crowd

One of the numerous rich solos!

Malaysian Lullaby

A lullaby from Ms. Yong's Malaysian heart!

Angelic Choir Director

Our special guest angelic choir director!

William takes center stage

William takes center stage!

Io Sings

Io sings!

MC humor

MC humor!

Cultural posing!

Cultural posing!

All eyes on Ms. Yong

All eyes on Ms. Yong!

Celebrating Diversity!

Celebrating Diversity!

The dance floor is OPEN!

The dance floor is OPEN!

Free Husky hugs

Who wants a Husky hug?

Friday Afternoon Husky Fever!

Friday Afternoon Husky Fever!

All are welcome on the dance floor!

All are welcome on the dance floor!

The Kitara "One" End-of-Year Performance