Community at HIS

Hokkaido International School began in 1958 with not much more than a one-room school house, but now we are a fully accredited international school in Japan with two campuses: one in the fifth-largest city of Sapporo and the other in powder-haven Niseko. Together, students and staff number around 250. When you add our parents and surrounding community to the mix that still keeps us small enough to be the kind of community we began as: one big, happy family. 

With roots in a tradition of community, we continue to honor that by conceptually placing community at the foundation of our school model, holding up our unique pillars, which support the roof of learning. 

On this page, we hope you are able to see how important community is to us through our open-door community events, our sports teams, clubs, community basketball and volleyball, after-school activities, alumni updates, school-to-school exchanges, and events designed to provide space for socializing and getting to know the important members of our Husky Family.

Please explore below and... "Welcome to our family!"