HIS Moerenuma Prom

Hokkaido International School is an international boarding school with campuses in Sapporo and Niseko, Hokkaido. The location of Hokkaido affords access to not only great nature but great architecture in a natural setting. Since the 2022 Social Officer Masayori Sudo Hasegawa (Class of '21; Huskies Legacy Association President) selected Moerenuma Park as the new prom venue, students have called it home for a night—enjoying the stunning views from the rooftop, savoring the grassy pyramid stylings of its founding designer sculpture artist Isamu Noguchi, and celebrating the joy of time together with peers, great food, photo-ops, music, and dancing.

Please enjoy the video of the 2022 HIS Moerenuma Prom, the post that follows, and the excellent photography coming from one of our forever-Huskies Kota T. Many props to your work, Kota.

Dance like its 2023!

Our limo?

Our chauffeur

Dressed for Success!

Beauty united!

Ready for business!

Enter the limo!

Pre-Prom Power Nap

Roaring 20s!

Our venue awaits!

That's a good lookin' building!

Prom Glow!

Exploring Moerenuma!

Atop the GraSSY Pyramid!

Inside the pyramid

Our other photographer hard at work!

Secret Dance!

Rooftop silhouettes

Taking in the view

Photo-ops Galore!

The rooftop group

The MC!

Did you fix your hair?

Get Ready for the B-Boy!

Break it down!

Isn't that sweet? Sister and Brother!

Best Song!

Best Couple!

Best Dressed!

Friendship in Music

Life of the party, indeed!

Two of the chaperones

We'll be back!