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The first weeks of school were certainly fascinating to say the least, as a brand new school year started, we faced brand new challenges. It certainly isn’t the most easy thing in the world, but it definitely helps us in many ways, whether it be gaining knowledge, or to meet new and different people. We consider these as important things to learn which can be applied to our future life.
The overall happy and welcoming nature of this small community is fascinating and marvelous, people from different cultures all over the world gathered in a building we call school. Different languages in chatters can be heard ringing in the hallways, molding together into a unique harmony to our ears.
Through our classes we are not only learning things in the textbook or about the subject, we are also training to think by ourselves and properly learning the right way to learn with or without the help of others. As we pay attention in class we are also required to think by ourselves and learn to discuss our thoughts with others to help gather our thoughts, new aspects and ideas we might have never had the chance to come up with before. 
Our school is certainly unique and small in size compared to others, but it doesn’t fail to carry on the duties a school should. In fact, it is doing quite well in our opinion.

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