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May the Fours Be With You

Four HIS students have worked hard for the past two years, completing the College Board’s recently added flagship course AP Capstone. 

Beginning with AP Seminar in 2020, Haruhito, Lucas, Masayori, and Saiesh learned the finer points of argumentation, from avoiding bias and logical fallacies to synthesizing ideas to create cogent arguments. 

They continued their journey this school year, embarking on personal research projects equivalent to micro-micro PhDs (~5000-word research papers), where they designed their own studies of interest, culminating in a Presentation and Oral Defense as a part of their AP Score calculation. 

These four have fought hard through two years and deserve—in one humble teacher’s opinion—to get not a FOUR but a FIVE: extremely well qualified to receive college credit for that course. 

Regardless of what the College Board sends to their post in July, they should be proud of their growth. 

Please celebrate their growth together through their final Presentations and Oral Defenses.

Haru’s “Tuning Frequency”

Saiesh’s “Online vs In-Person Learning”

Masa’s “Smart Phones in School”

Lucas’s “P.E. for Smarties” 

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