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Hokkaido International School summer School 2021


Hokkaido International School


Join us at the Hokkaido International school summer program to learn so much, both indoor and outdoor where you can enjoy the weather and nature here.


Through collaborating with people from different backgrounds, we make our learning meaningful and rich through developing ideas together, expanding them further. 

Having Fun!

We believe children learn best when they are having fun so we will make sure that while they are learning, they enjoy their time here with us! 

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Secondary - Imagining the future through Philosophy, Storytelling, and Investigation.

Students will engage with questions about what our future might look like through two 2-week-long units while building their essential academic skills of reading, writing and math. In the first unit, Ms. Harmon will introduce students to some basic philosophical concepts to help ponder, discuss, and develop a personal project to answer the question "What does it mean to be human?" 
Their answers will help students navigate the second unit with Mr. Pangier, which will be driven by a second question: "How do we define LIFE?"  Students will broaden their understanding of speculative futures through their reading of a self-selected science fiction novel, future city essays, research, and discussions of how LIFE can be defined. Combined with a series on Space Math, this all culminates in a creative project to design a future civilization on Mars complete with city planning and a working constitution. 
In the afternoons, students will work on academic or creative work that they and their parents decide on. High school students may also engage in course recovery work or an online course. The gym will be made available each day for students to use responsibly. Additionally, one field trip excursion will be planned for each week of summer school.


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