Students & Parents Information

HIS seeks an open relationship with students and their parents and communication is key. HIS is committed to providing timely information. The links on this page are designed to deliver details on school policies, students' academic progress, curriculum, parental involvement, and standardized testing.

Communication is usually much easier if the first contact between the school and family occurs before any problem arises. While in some cultures, teachers are the only ones allowed or expected to initiate conversation, in an international school, we encourage students and parents to bring questions, comments and/or concerns to teachers at any time.

Parents and students are expected to support the policies and the programs of the school, and are encouraged to exercise their right and responsibility to consult–regarding any matter–with the faculty, administration, and Executive Board, in that sequence.

It is also important to remember that as an international school, HIS represents approximately 20 nationalities. At HIS, differing personal perspectives are respected. In discussion, participants need to distinguish between content and style. Developing an awareness of, and sensitivity to, the feelings of others will help us all contribute to the general good will of HIS and the world.